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There is a full compliment of products that would be suited for the smallest to the largest projects. Ranging from simple self contained units to the large central systems

Portable Chillers        1 - 40 TR

Portable chillers are sef contained air cooled unis as well as water cooled and remote air cooled.

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Central Chillers                            20 - 490 TR

Central chillers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. The chillers are build using Scroll, screw and the new Turbocore compressor. Each uni comes available in Remote air cooled or water cooled. The Scroll type chiller is also available as a packaged chiller with reservoir and pumps.

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Pump/Reservoir Systems            500 - 6000 Gallons

A wide variety of reservoirs are available. The material of construction is Mils Steel, Stainless steel and fiber glass. The reservoirs can be configured with a number of pump combinations and quantities to meet your requirement. See accessories for more options

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Cooling Towers                           22 - 1350 TR

The fiber Glass towers come complete with a reservoir and TEFC fan motor for simplicity and longevity.

Also available are BOC single cell Cooling Towers are available with capacities from 128 to 1,350 nominal tons. Multiple cell units are also available.

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Temperature Control Units

The unique design of Thermal Care's Temperature Control Units gives consistent and dependable performance. They are available in water, hot oil, or positive / negative pressure.

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A number of accessories are available to compliment your system. Like water treatment systems, filtration equipment, blown film coolers, heat exchangers.

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