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Central Chillers

Depend on Thermal Care for efficient and reliable central chilling systems no matter what the need or application. With several different central chillers designs to choose from, you can get exactly the capacity you need with all the features you want for central chillers.

TS Series Central Chillers - 20 to 100 tons

We build every TS Series Cool Central Chillers using energy-efficient, trouble free scroll compressors and are available with two, four or six compressors.

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TX Series Central Chillers - 40 to 440 tons

TX Series Central Chillers use advanced Trane twin rotary screw compressors for greater reliability, energy efficiency and noise reduction.

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TC Series Central Chillers - 60 to 180 tons

TC Series Central Chillers are the most reliable, most energy efficient and the quietest industrial chillers available using advanced, oil-free compressors.

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PA Series Outdoor Central Chillers - 10 to 490 tons

PA Series Central Chillers come with either air-cooled scroll or rotary screw compressors. Designed to be used outdoors, these chillers are easy to install, operate and maintain.

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