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Portable Chillers

No other manufacturer can offer you a larger selection of portable chillers than Thermal Care. Whether you need an air-cooled portable chillers, water-cooled portable chillers, or remote condenser portable chillers model, chances are there is an economical Accuchiller that meets your exact requirements without costly upgrades or options.

Accuchiller EQ Series Portable Chillers - 1 to 3 tons

Accuchiller EQ Series Portable Chillers feature nonferrous construction, a compact footprint with easily accessible interior and a microprocessor that provides precise temperature control and extensive diagnostics.

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Accuchiller SQ Series Portable Chillers - 5 to 14 tons

Versatile Accuchiller SQ Series Portable Chillers include encapsulated safety switches, scroll compressor, NEMA 12 control panel, nonferrous water system and one or two recessed exterior panels with lockable, flush-mounted, pull-ring latches.

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Accuchiller LQ Series Portable Chillers- 15 to 60 tons

Advanced LQ Series Portable Chillers are built with highly efficient scroll compressors and other proven standard components like a nonferrous water system and encapsulated safety switches.

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