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Temperature Control Units

For dependable and accurate water temperature control choose Thermal Care. Each water temperature control unit is designed and built to meet or exceed the performance standards demanded by today’s manufacturing environment. Available in water, hot oil, or positive / negative pressure.

Aquatherm RA Series Water Temperature Control       Water

Units are made with the best available components such as premium quality solenoid valves, high flow pumps with leak-resistant silicon carbide seals and rugged incoloy heaters for years of maintenance free operation.

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CRA Series Water Temperature Control                   CD & DVD

Replicators can now get precise temperature control for multiple zones of any optical disc mold from a durable, single-point temperature control unit. The CRA Series unit can control any type of mold zone including moveable, stationary, sprue and punch cut.

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Oiltherm RO Series Water Temperature Control      Hot Oil

The Oiltherm is designed to work with a wide range of high temperature applications in the 125°F to 575°F range. The Oiltherm assures high velocity oil flow across heater elements for optimum heat transfer and fluid life.

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Vactherm RV Series Water Temperature Control
Positive/Negative Pressure

The unique design of the Vactherm allows the vacuum level to be adjusted to the exact amount necessary to stop the leakage, without drawing air into the water circuit.

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