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Cooling System Energy Audits

Is your production cooling system costing you too much?

Are you running at peak efficiency?


As much as 50% of all energy required for a process to run results in heat energy that is dissipated in a cooling system.


Mechanical cooling requires up to 50% of the energy it is trying to remove to operate. Ambient cooling requires up to 10% of the energy it is trying to remove to operate.


A process that uses 1000 kW of power will require 250 kW to operate a mechanical cooling system or 50 kW to operate a cooling system using ambient cooling.



An Energy Audit can:

  •    Determine if you require mechanical or ambient cooling for your application.

  •    Determine if you are utilizing your cooling system efficiently.

  •    Determine if your pumping system is being used efficiently.

Below are downloadable Heat Load Analysis Heat Input Worksheets.  Please complete the following data input forms to enable us to assist in your audit.


Injection Moulding Blow Moulding

Excel Format

Adobe Format


Excel Format

Adobe Format



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